Acceptance, Belief, Surrender

Recently I had the opportunity to share part of my “story”.  Being able to do that makes it worth while to have gone through and continue to go through difficulties.  Here’s just a small recap of the final points…

I had gotten to a place in life where I was ignoring the little girl inside of me that needed nurture and love.  I’m not just talking about a day or a week of ignoring but a good many years.  At my worst I found myself sitting alone in my closet crying out to God for relief!  I had tried so many things to numb and distract myself from dealing with the pile up of stresses, losses and changes.

But before things could begin to change for the better I needed to ACCEPT the fact that I was powerless on my own.  I needed help and support!  I found this through my BELIEF in a power greater than myself.  You see I had been hiding from the One who loves me unconditionally and offers unlimited grace and power beyond my human strength… my Father God!  I tended to do that, comes from a false belief about not deserving love. And I also found others that were learning how to overcome , they were “Jesus with skin on” to me and offered a non-judgmental listening ear and the encouraging words to take one little step at a time forward.  I SURRENDERED to these things, not easily mind you, but when you are at the end of your rope surrender becomes easier.  I had a hard protective shell, fear, that made letting go in surrender a scary step!

Acceptance, belief and surrender is a daily practice… I have learned that once you ignore it one day it’s easy to ignore it two days and then 2 years and so on.  God loves me unconditionally and has GOOD plans for me (for you too!) and I want to be part of those plans!  You know what, I am worth it!  We all are!  The lust of the flesh lies to us and fills us with temporary satisfaction but I can attest that the peace that comes from God far outweighs the quick highs this world has to offer.

Feed your body, mind and spirit with acceptance, belief and surrender!


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