Wake up your taste buds!

My daughter bought me a bag of my favorite coffee beans for my birthday.  I was astounded at the smooth taste of my morning coffee!  In fact, I had almost gotten to a point of cutting coffee out in the morning because it just wasn’t anything special anymore!  A couple years ago we started buying just plain old Maxwell House, but until I got those Gold Coast beans again I had not realized that I had settled!  I had settled for cheap, for basic and run of the mill!  When those beans ran out I knew I could not go back, my taste buds had been reawakened and refused to be shut down again.   The excitement of morning coffee returned!

It hit me, this scenario is similar to my life.  I’m settling for Folgers when I could have fresh roasted beans from Gold Coast!  I’ve allowed myself to become accustomed to less, expect less, strive for less, feeling JOYless.  What do I love? GOLD COAST!  What are my dreams? To help others through my writing, through one-on-one conversations, by sharing my story and sharing tools I’ve gathered over the years.  I don’t know all of the details of how I will accomplish this to the extent my mind imagines but I do know I HAVE to be pursuing this passion or else my life is like drinking stale coffee out of a styrofoam cup!  I can’t settle for that anymore, I want those fresh roasted beans, ground up and brewed… served in my favorite mug!  This blog is my baby step in the direction towards my dream.  It makes my heart soar just to think it may bring encouragement and hope to just one person.

What are your dreams?  Do you know?  Take some time and allow them to be reawakened.  Let’s encourage each other to pursue and live this life with passion!


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