Too much information?

I’ve been subscribing to a lot of recovery/self help  emails lately, which have led me to some amazing podcasts and free ebooks. The information has been great, but I realized the other day that I was on information overload! This little voice inside of me started to panic…. “how can I manage all of this goodness? My mind can only take in so much at one time?!?!?” I slowly started jotting down some notes, writing down the names and sites of the resources that really resonated with me. Aha! That’s it! Awareness of what I’m focusing on in life right now! And from there it even became more clear…. Body, what is helping feed this area of my life? Mind, what resources are keeping me single mindedly focused? Spirit, what is nourishing my spirit? BMS! Of course, one revelation had led to another. The triangle, it represents balance. There’s a lot of good resources available but too much of anything throws off our balance. So I unsubscribed from the emails that didn’t fit into my balance equation, reassuring my panic voice that all those resources can again be discovered when the need arises. I don’t want to be the next reality television star appearing on “Hoarders: Self Help Overload” “Watch as we explore their minds, computers and closets”!

So my challenge to you my friend, what is your balance equation? Is your triangle firmly grounded with equal flow on both sides?

It’s funny how that panic voice goes silent when things get balanced.

*read my previous blogs for more information on BMS, awareness and the triangle* 




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