Celebrating me!

Birthdays…. they’ve been an interesting journey  for me.  As a child my mom would let me pick out a cake from the special little book.  Most years I was allowed to have a friend party and then we also had a big extended family party.  There was always a lot of activity, presents and “me” focus.  That took some time for me to outgrow and really learn what it means to celebrate me.  I’ve gone to some extremes over the years from crying and having fits over not feeling celebrated enough to declaring that we would skip my birthday. (one year I even sat at my job all day without saying a word to anyone that it was my birthday)

This year I decided to be AWARE of what my body, mind and spirit (BMS) were telling me… take a day off for me.  Did it have to involve spending money and making elaborate plans?  No!  But it did involve being aware of the things that bring me JOY.  Having a day to be in my home brings me joy, so I asked for the day off (that was hard!  I was scared to ask, but I did it FOR ME!)  I brought two of my kids to school, this is my favorite time of the day with them.  They honored me with pictures and a banner that greeted me at the table.  I came home and went back to bed then cuddled and played with my dogs in my bed, my dogs bring me joy.  My daughter took the day off to spend with me, what a gift!  We enjoyed time chatting and just being together.  I spent some time watching my favorite show and drinking some wine.  The topping to the day was a nice family dinner prepared by my husband with all of my children present, and a delicious cake.  I’ll be honest, there were a few moments yesterday I started to feel a little panicky that I didn’t make plans, but my biggest desire in life right now is for peace.  Today was full of peace, surrounded by those I love the most in a place that brings me joy.  I’m learning how to truly celebrate me!


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