Body, One Side of the Triangle

Today I woke up and was aware that I was thirsty, instead of ignoring my body’s signal I decided to fill up my water bottle and drink.  The next body sensation I noticed was hunger.  My son triggered my memory of a dream I had, it was about purchasing and warming up cinnamon rolls.  In my dream, I ate a whole pan full!  My addictive side wanted to run out to the store and purchase the cinnamon rolls to re-enact my dream but thankfully today I had enough self-control (and also have been gaining much more knowledge on healthy eating) to go in the kitchen and make myself some eggs.  I thought about what I wanted to do in my day, feeling a crash after high carbs and sugar was not on the list! So the second way I fed my body was through a healthy breakfast.  AWARENESS! Being aware of my body’s signals and choosing to allow that awareness to guide me in caring for my body.  I’ve spent many days of my life ignoring my body’s signals and pushing on to my agenda, needing to cross the items off the to do list I had written in my mind before getting out of bed.  That kind of living left me burnt out, exhausted, sick…. the list goes on.  So my encouragement for today is be AWARE and tune in to what your body needs.  Let’s help each other to stay AWARE, we deserve it!



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