What is BMS?

I think there are many of us who would agree that all the talk about BMI (body mass index) gets pretty discouraging!   I have Kaiser and know that each time I go visit the doctor my BMI is talked about.  Even my kids get BMI lectures and have been told they are nearing the obese category!  I promise you, they are not.  So I would like to introduce a NEW three letter combination, one that I feel can have a BIG IMPACT on our BMI… it’s very similar so read carefully…BMS!  Body, Mind and Spirit!

Envision this, a triangle. If you flip it over it still keeps it’s shape.  All sides are equal.  The base always appears very grounded.  If you picture energy going through the lines you can see the continuous flow.  Let’s now envision each side having a name, side (1) BODY, side (2) MIND, side (3) SPIRIT.  BMS!  

How you take care of your body, mind and spirit will impact how grounded you are and the flow of energy in your life.  Common sense, right?  But how often do we stop, think and ask ourselves these questions,

  1. How am I feeding my body?
  2. How am I feeding my mind?
  3. How am I feeding my spirit?

There’s an old saying, garbage in garbage out.  That applies to this idea of what are we feeding ourselves.

We are all worth good, wholesome and healthy food!  So my encouragement to you is think BMS, BMS, BMS!  Feed your body, mind and spirit and find balance.





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